Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Manny Falls to 7th in Voting

Manny is now trailing Mike freakin' Cameron in ASG balloting. I mean, Manny doesn't deserve to be there, but Mike Cameron? Brewers fans are delusional. Cameron is hitting .243. He was in a 3-for-38 slump a few weeks ago, yet he's somehow more worthy of the honor than Beast Mode?!!!

We all know the only reason Juan Pierre isn't running away with the voting is because he's not on the ballot, and its difficult to write "Juan Pierre" on 20,000 ballots, but let's be real here: Mike Cameron should not be anywhere near the All Star Game, and Brewers fans are making a bigger mockery of it than Manny is.

I'm guessing Corey Hart (.248) is in the top 10 also. Shame on you, Milwaukee.

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