Sunday, May 31, 2009

This goes beyond simply voting.

Vote for Juan Pierre
Of course, we can each vote 25 times with each email address. You can use fake email addresses, so go ahead and vote as many times as you can. This voting will help alleviate the stupidity of the All-Star game which, at this point, will have Jason Kendall squatting behind the plate. (Jason Kendall is #1 in voting for catchers? Really???)

You can only vote for two other outfielders when you write in Juan Pierre, so make sure your write-in vote counts.

But, outside of voting, there is more that can be done. Call DodgerTalk after the games and talk about this. Prepare some facts about Pierre, like his BA, OPS, extra base hits, stolen bases, GAMER ATTITUDE, whatever. And just hit the ground running when they take your call. This will inform the uninformed about the cause.

Send an email to Ken Gurnick to tell him to put Pierre's all-star worthy performance on the front page. His email is

If anyone else can think of other things to do to aid this, post them here. The JP all-star bid will be one of this year's causes. Since the fan vote bobblehead has been abolished, we must take our efforts to a larger scale, the All-Star Game.

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