Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vote for Juan Pierre!

This is not a joke. If someone can make a Vote for Manny website, urging people to vote for a cheater, then this is the anti-Vote for Manny website.

Juan Pierre is one of the hardest working players in baseball. He kept his mouth shut when the Dodgers traded for Manny Roidmirez, and now that he got his starting job back, he has been lights out. Juan is deserving of being in the All-Star Game, not Manny.

This will not be easy. Juan isn't even listed on the ballot. You have to write his name in. But if Dodger fans can band together to put guys like Cesar Izturis in the All-Star Game, and rock the vote enough to give Joe Beimel a bobblehead, then anything is possible.

Vote Early, Vote Often

Click here to VOTE FOR PIERRE!

You can vote 25 times per email address.

While you're at it, vote for Casey Blake as well.


  1. Thanks for the copy-job Aaron.

    BTW, you totally, completely and utterly missed the point.

    But have fun nonetheless.

  2. Juan Pierre sucks!!!!

    We should trade him while he is hot, because he will never produce like this again. He will be the noose to Ned Colletti's career.

  3. Maybe we can package him, Loney, MacDonald, and Elbert to Houston for Berkman?

  4. Sorry Jason, but I think you are missing the point.

  5. I love Pierre. Ibanez too. My VOTE FOR MANNY idea is an attempt to tear down the stupid rules in MLB surrounding PEDs users being elig for the ASG as well as the insipid ASG rules in general (either it counts or not, but the selection rules are for an exhibition).

    I don't want Manny because I want a cheat. I want Manny because the SYSTEM sucks and needs to be torn down and fixed.

    That's the point you are missing. But feel free to get the vote out for Pierre.